Switching to Freedom

iPass has developed mobile software technology that enables automatic and seamless switching between 4G/5G radio signals and (free) Wi-Fi signals. This technology is widely used by Google and many other companies. As the patent owner, iPass provides worldwide licenses for integrating this technology into apps and embedding it in telecommunication devices.


The iPass APK automatically offloads cellular data to iPass’s extensive network of WBA OpenRoaming and amenity Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. This process eliminates manual intervention and captive portals, resulting in significant savings by reducing cellular data usage and enhancing user satisfaction.


Enterprises, Mobile Service Providers, IoT Device Manufacturers, and other businesses can seamlessly integrate our SDK/C-SDK data offloading capabilities into their existing iOS and Android application suites. The SDK enables cellular data offloading to an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

Cost Reduction

By offloading data through Wi-Fi, users can significantly lower data costs associated with mobile operators.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of iPass, please arrange a meeting with one of our sales representatives to discover what iPass can do for your business.